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[Rumor] Is Queen Bey Really Headed To Wakanda for “Black Panther 2?”

Multiple news outlets have said that Beyonce is in talks for not just one but three different projects for Disney. Right now they are just rumors but if the rumors turn out to be true, that could mean we hear a lot more of her in the future. Including the soundtrack for the upcoming Black Panther 2.

According to the rumors the deal is $100 Million dollars for three separate soundtracks. The Sun says that Black Panther 2 would be included in the line up as well as two other unknown projects. However Senior Movie Writer for Variety Matt Donnelly took to twitter saying otherwise. And since Donnelly is with Variety we trust him as a source over the tabloid-ish The Sun.

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Previously Beyonce was cast as Nala in the live action version of the Lion King as well as sang an original song for the film. The Lion King made a whopping $1.657 billion at the box office. The Soundtrack for the 2019 also did very well selling over 10 million copies. Beyonce wrote and curated the Album “The Lion King: The Gift” which features new music inspired by the film from multiple artists, as well as the song “Spirit”.

Beyoncé at The Lion King European Premiere in 2019 credit: Vimeo

Another part of the alleged deal was that Beyonce would narrate some documentaries featured on Disney Plus. Similar to Meghan Markle’s narration of Disneynature’s Elephant.

The hope I think we all have is that Beyonce will appear not only in the soundtrack to Black Panther 2 but will be talked into a major role for the MCU. But given her family life and musical endeavors getting away to film for weeks at a time may not be an option for her. Though how cool would it be to see her as Storm?

For now this is just a rumor but if it pans out to be true despite the fact that it was seemingly debunked, that would be another big step for both Disney and Beyonce. And since they already have a good history together it’s very possible that we will get to hear her in multiple projects in the future. Beyonce does like to keep things a surprise so if she’s denied it thus far it could still be possible she’s saving it for a future announcement.

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