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Cate Blanchett Cut Her Head in a Chainsaw Accident

In an accident at home during lockdown Cate Blanchett says she had a minor incident involving her head and a chainsaw. She didn’t go into much detail about it but she did talk about it briefly on “A Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard,” where they feature prominent women public figures. Julia Gillard being the former Australian Prime Minister.

Speaking to Gillard, Blanchett said, “I had a bit of a chainsaw accident yesterday, which sounds very, very exciting, but it wasn’t. Apart from the little nick to the head, I’m fine.”

“Be very careful with that chainsaw,” Gillard replied. “You’ve got a very famous head, I don’t think people would like to see any nicks taken out of it.”

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Cate Blanchett at the Tropfest Opens 2012 in Sydney, Australia Wikimedia Commons

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say it was related to a gardening incident. If she’s anything like me she probably thought she could do it herself no problem and ended up accidentally cutting herself. It was also in a 2017 interview that she mentioned wanting to get better at gardening. So if she was home quarantining she may have been trying to do so in her downtime.

“I’d love to become better at gardening…”My mother was a wonderful gardener. She had a fabulous green thumb. I would like to cultivate one of my own.”

2017 interview with Culture Calling

Other than that incident she has also been helping her 18 year old with schoolwork while also taking care of a 5 year old. We can only imagine the dynamics there as she has to both play teacher and caretaker. I mean I only have one and she’s five, and doing online kindergarten was a mess.

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