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San Francisco Man Caught Cannibalizing His 90 Year Old Grandmother

On Monday June 1st, police in the San Francisco Bay Area were called to a scene where it had been reported that a man was seen standing over a woman’s body, covered in blood. It was then they came across a 37 year Dwayne Wallick cannibalizing his grandmother. 90 year old Ruby Wallick was pronounced dead at the scene.

When coming upon the scene police asked him to stop what he was doing but were ignored as he continued to consume what remained of his grandmother. They had to use a stun gun to get him to stop and then were able to cuff him.

“I will say that in 26 years of law enforcement it’s the worst thing I have ever seen,” Officer Pomeroy said.

Wallick, the man caught in the act, was taken to a hospital for medical treatment. Upon release he will be taken to the Contra Costa County Jail on suspicion of murder. He is currently being treated for unspecified injuries.

They are currently investigating if drugs had anything to do with what happened.

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Either way though, it’s pretty grim.

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Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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