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STARZ Still Considering Multiple “Outlander” Spinoff Series?

STARZ hit series “Outlander” completed their 5th just recently, and a lot of questions were raised. What’s with all the story changes? How will choices now effect future seasons of the show?

Based on the best-selling “Outlander” book series by Diana Gabaldon and adapted for STARZ by Ronald D. Moore, the show centers around Claire, and her time travel. Sure, people describe it as “romance,” but it is way more (well-written) historical fiction with a sci-fi twist.

Ronald D. Moore attends “Outlander” premiere at SDCC, photo by Bill Watters

While the first two seasons stay pretty faithful to the source material, things started to veer off in season 3. Most of the decisions where small and understandable ones, but things started to get pretty weird. We won’t go into spoilers if you haven’t caught up yet (but really, you should!).

“People who saw this last season; the fifth season, saw that we were already starting to pull from certain things from Book 6 and other books in the series,” Ron Moore said during his recent interview with Collider. “We’ve always been sort of free to kind of play around with some of the chronology and borrow things from different books. So we’re not perfect about a book a season, and we’ll continue that going forward.”

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Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan as Claire and Jamie Fraser in “Outlander” season 5. Photo courtesy of STARZ

Moore continued, talking about how the already greenlit season 6 will shape up:

“The large arc that’s still defining where we are is, we’re in the New World; we’re in the American colonies, and the American Revolution is getting closer and closer. So that’s like a big thing that’s gonna be moving front and center the further we get into Season 6.”

But then, a question was raised about the much-rumored (but pretty believable) notion that STARZ was interested in “Outlander” spinoff series.

“We’re still talking about it. STARZ is interested and we’re definitely in conversations. Sony and STARZ are in conversations about a spinoff series, yeah…We have more than one idea. We have a couple of ideas, and it’s still in internal conversations, so we’re not really prepared to go out and say what it is.”

That sounds pretty promising.

We still think that a Lord John Grey series is likely, perhaps even more so with “Outlander” actor David Berry suddenly exiting the show, despite the character’s IMPORTANT presence in later books.

What character do you think deserves their own spinoff series? Let us know!

Seasons 1-5 of “Outlander” are available on Amazon through the STARZ add-on, as well as the STARZ app. And, do yourself a favor and pick up the soundtracks by Emmy-winning composer Bear McCreary.

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