Check Out This AriZona Tea Inspired Polyhedral Dice Set

What’s one addiction every avid tabletop gamer simply cannot get enough of? Dice! If you play Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other game that uses polyhedral dice, you have developed the uncanny need to just own as many dice sets as you can get your hands on. These days dice come in so many color varients, material options, and sizes. It’s impossible to not want to collect as many sets as you can.

Courtesy of Live and Let Dice @Live_n_let_dice on Twitter

Well now you can add another set to your collection… and if AriZona Tea is one of your go-to gaming beverages, you’re even more likely to want this set!

AriZona Tea is well known for being remarkably cheap, as well as for its distinct can. The beautiful green backdrop with lovely cherry blossoms has always stuck out. Even to those who aren’t a fan of the beverage will have their eye drawn to the can every time.

Same applies to these minty green dice with bright pink blossoms attached to slender branches, complete with gold numbering. Its simply a stunning set regardless if you enjoy AriZona.

Their first full set is going up for auction on Ebay and is (as of writing this article) running for $400+ dollars.

For those who do not want to drop that pretty penny on a set of dice, do not be discouraged. You’ll be able to find the set available for pre-order later this summer on Live and Let Dice’s online shop opening on June 1st.

Feel free to Follow Live and Let Dice on Twitter for more information and updates as well as a peek at their other creations. We apologize in advance for enabling your addiction as there are plenty of other amazing dice to indulge in on their Twitter as well.

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