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The Perfect Dice For the Necromancer in Your Party

One of the best parts about gaming? The dice! They come in so many colors and many gamers end up with tons and tons of sets. Even casual gamers cannot help but get enticed by the many options available to them and have at least 3 sets. From sleek and simple to wild and tie-die there is a dice set out there for you. more than one even.

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This particular polyhedrial dice set by Dakota Irish is called “Mossy Bones”. Which just so happens to be exactly what they look like. This dice set is perfect for the character you have in mind that surrounds themself with death. Perhaps they just like to collect bones, perhaps they are a full blown necromancer. Maybe it is you that has the spooky streak and you want a set of skull imbued dice. Either way, this set is just calling out to you and you know it.

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Green moss and plastic skulls are encased in clear resin with gold numbering. Each set includes your standard 7 dice for a gaming set. Each 7 dice set includes: 1d20, 1d12, 2d10, 1d8, 1d6, & 1d4

You’ll want to get a game running just to show off this set. Perfect for that campaign crawling through the catacombs and facing the undead. There are so many reasons to love this set of dice and they are available for preorder here.

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