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See “Sailor Moon” in Styles You’ve Never Imagined with this New Redraw Challenge!

Now people know me as a HUGE “Sailor Moon” fan, the other day I was looking around the internet when I stumbled upon this very picture. But the whole internet is blowing up because there’s a challenge right now. And that challenge is to redraw this iconic picture using whatever style you wish putting under the hashtag #SailorMoonredraw!

Sailor Moon S (you can tell by the tiara and her collar), you’re welcome my friends. And let me tell you after looking around Twitter and Tumblr I am not disappointed at all! The results are amazing (some very hilarious) and each artist is so talented.

Keep Going!
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Of course these are only a few of the selections. Be sure to check out all of them under with this hashtag. There are thousands to look through! Although my personal favorite is the chair. I mean come on- that is pretty slick.

If you like “Sailor Moon,” then you would probably also be glad to know that Skechers is coming out with some cute new flip flops that will be available in Taiwan later this year.

This along with the “Sailor Moon” movie coming out September 11th in theaters has us pretty excited about the year to come. Despite everything going on at least we can look forward to some new merch and “Sailor Moon Eternal” which will serve as the first part in the fourth season of “Sailor Moon Crystal.”

Which version of the redraw was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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