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SKECHERS Releasing New Sailor Moon Flip Flops

SKECHERS in Thailand is releasing some very cute Sailor Moon flip flops along with some other fashion pieces. They will have all the inner scouts colors for their new summer shoes as well as some shirts available.

Artify – Square

Just last year in China they released limited edition sneakers that showcased all the inner scouts colors. Unfortunately they haven’t released in the U.S. but you can find some on Ebay for a decent price if you keep looking.

Skechers X Sailor Moon Collection Now Available In Malaysia
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This is pretty exciting because if we get more merchandise overseas then odds are it will eventually come to the U.S. Especially now that the release date for Sailor Moon Eternal is now scheduled for September 11th. Sailor Moon Eternal will act as the first part to season 4 of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Recently the trailer(more like teaser) was released for the film and we got to see the animation and some of the scenes from the movie. The movie looks very similar to a lot of key artwork that was used in the original series.

As far as the shoes go so far there is no release date. But we’re guessing Summer of 2020 because hey, they’re sandals after all. You can keep an eye on the Thailand SKECHERS Instagram for more information.

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