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“TWD” Ross Marquand, Cooper Andrews Do Impressions with Dan Fogler During Virtual Pop Expo

As we’re still reeling from the AWESOME experience that was the Virtual Pop Expo last weekend, we figured it was time to share another tidbit of the hilarity you missed.

Here we have Dan Folger (“Fantastic Beasts” series of films, “Fanboys“) leading “The Walking Dead” alum Ross Marquand (who played Aaron), and Cooper Andrews (who plays Jerry) doing various impressions along with Virtual Pop Expo host Bernie Bregman in a LIVE recording of Fogler’s of 4D Xperience Podcast.

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You’ll hear things like what Christopher Walken might sound like while changing a diaper (some swearing involved here, so don’t be shocked), and James Earl Jones practicing safe distancing just to name a few.

We’ll totally admit, Folger’s giggles are absolutely infectious!

Don’t forget that you can catch this entire broadcast and more at Virtual Pop Expo’s website. We’ll be rolling out more special vids and behind-the-scenes goodies from the event this next week, so keep an eye out!

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