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“Batwoman” s1e19: A Secret Kept from All the Rest [Review]

It’s the penultimate episode of the first season of The CW’s “Batwoman,” episode 19 “A Secret Kept from All the Rest.” With Alice and company officially in possession of the Lucius Fox’s journal, they’ve begun kidnapping people in an effort to decode it and find the secrets within.

What? It’s a SPOILER.

Can Team Bat take down the Arkham villains and retrieve the stolen information? Lets talk about it, with full spoilers ahead.

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Mary Hamilton ( Nicole Kang ), Luke Fox( Camrus Johnson ), and Kate Kane ( Ruby Rose ) discuss the trustworthiness of Julia Pennyworth( Christina Wolfe ). Luke, who grew up with Julia, trusts her completely while Kate has been betrayed by her in the past and is having major doubts about her intentions. Photo courtesy of The CW.

Spoilers from here

This episode revolves around the Arkham Gang (Alice, Hush and Mouse) abducting people who could translate Lucius Fox’s journal filled with Bat tech secrets. In order to do this they abduct Luke and Julia, using the latter to torture as an incentive for Luke to translate the journal.

Kate trades a pair of glasses that can decode the journal in order to save her friends, where Alice causes a total inmate riot at Arkham in order to cover their escape. Jacob Kane then confronts Batwoman telling her that if she appears again then it’ll be war between them. The episode ends with Alice Telling Mouse to retrieve some Kryptonite.

The tension growing between Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and Mouse(Sam Littlefield) is getting really interesting, with Mouse preferring the safety of Arkham and Alices’ ambitions and pursuit of vengeance getting in the way of that.

Episode Round Up – Where does it fit in?

This episode really showcases how alike and different Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) is from Bruce Wayne. Like him, she gave the villains the advantage in order to save the ones she cares about. But during the Arkham riot scene she analyzes the situation and leaves it to the crows – something I feel that Batman would never do. He wouldn’t leave a chaotic situation like that, but Kate deciding to leave was an interesting character choice.

The small action scene we do get was alright with solid fight choreography which could lead towards Batwoman taking down the whole room of inmates. That would’ve been cool but again, Kate left the asylum.

The Jacob Kanes’ (Dougray Scott) promise to start a War on Batwoman is a ok plot point, one that was already touched upon earlier in the season and should hopefully lead to a major fight between the two Kanes. Kate choosing to save Luke (Camrus Johnson) from danger is a nice reflection of how their relationship has grown, her once calling him her employee to now risking her safety to save him.

Most of the story lines for the season have been wrapped up, aside from a few blaring ones. For example Batman’s location, so hopefully the season can end on a powerful note.

Tommy Elliot “Hush”( Gabriel Mann ) and Alice ( Rachel Skarsten ) with a captured Julia Pennyworth( Christina Wolfe ). In this scene, Batwoman tries to barter for Julia and Lukes’ lives by trading them for a pair of glasses that’ll translate Lucius Foxs’ journal. Photo courtesy of The CW.

The next episode is the season finale, with episode promos‘ promising a fight between Kate and the Crows, a Mary getting arrested and Kate emotionally breaking down.

Batwoman airs 8/7 c Sunday nights, and is available on The CW app.

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