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Paul Atreides Training on Caladan: New Image from “Dune”

Dune” is completely and utterly MY “Star Wars.” It is easily my favorite book series (only second to maybe Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles), and the 1984 David Lynch film remains the pinnacle of the story for me.

When it was announced that Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary were looking to Denis Villeneuve to bring the tale of the Atreides and Harkonnens back into theaters, I was beyond ecstatic. As the casting lists were revealed, as the score was shaping up, my expectation has been set monumentally high for this.

Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides and Rebecca Ferguson as Jessica. PHOTO BY CHIABELLA JAMES

Then, the photos started rolling in. These in particular from Vanity Fair are gorgeous, and very telling in their reveal of character, setting, and costume. (Although admittedly, I’m super disapointed with what I’ve seen of the stillsuits thus far- things I can get on Amazon right now? Really? What gives!?)

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Zendaya as Chani

Cut to this morning, and another brand new photo released of two-time Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet as young Paul Atreides, in what looks like the training room on homeworld Caladan.

This image appears in the current issue of Empire Magazine, out now

Doesn’t Paul look a little….Han Solo to you?


Set on the planet Arrakis, we find ourselves exploring the story of two warring galactic royal families House Atreides and House Harkonnen. When Duke Leto Atreides is assassinated, his son Paul and wife Lady Jessica escape only to be adopted by the Fremen, who becomes Paul’s personal army against the Harkonnen as he develops powers from the spice, a substance that extends life and powers interstellar travel. A tangled web of royal intrigue is revealed with the Emperor and other cosmic powers pulling the strings while attempting to erase house Atreides.

I await with baited breath for a trailer. Shai Hulud.

Dune” has a release date of December 18th, 2020.

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