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“Bushes of Love” is Still the Best Star Wars Bad Lip Reading of All Time

If you remember “Bushes of Love”, can we be friends? Bushes of Love is one of the best “Bad Lip Readings” to date with over 48 million views. That’s an insane amount of views! And that’s not even counting the views from the ten hour version that I may or may not put on at parties as a prank. Hey, when people are drunk and something’s on a loop it messes up with their sense of time, and to me that’s hilarious.

Bushes of Love came out in 2016 from Bad Lip Reading and was quickly an internet phenomenon. It’s catchy and the lyrics are amazing. “49 times, we fought that beast. It had a chicken head with duck feet, with a woman’s face too.” I mean, come on. And the transition in the music when they sing, “In fact there was this huge mess and I had to change the floors, you see, his blood it drained into the floors and I had to change em'” Haven’t seen it recently? Here let me help you out.

Artify – Square

As you can see it’s a song where Old Ben is counseling the young Luke Skywalker on the perils of love. “Every day, I worry all day, about what’s waiting in the bushes of love”. It’s one of the best music lyric videos I’ve ever seen. If you do anything today put this on and enjoy.

Bad Lip Reading also has other gems but none compare to the majesty that is Bushes of Love. Some come close but that one holds a special place in my heart. Some of the other ones include:

“Seagulls! Stop it Now”

Keep Going!
1 of 86

“I Hate Sand”

And of course..

“My Stick”

All of these are great to put on today and sit back and work with. Otherwise they are great to put on any day and just kick back. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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