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Artist Creates Animal Crossing Tarot Cards

It’s no surprise that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken the world by storm. I have been part of this wonderful franchise since I had the game back in my Gamecube days. Ah the golden statue of yourself when all of your house was 100% built and paid off.

Many, many long days of fishing and whatnot. It’s no surprise either that artists are taking their talents and showing them off in Animal Crossing style. One artist by the name of SilkiRose, has posted on their tumblr a set of Tarot Cards inspired by Animal Crossing.

Artify – Square
Keep Going!
1 of 28

Of course it’s not a full deck (yet). I am for one am very impressed by the art style and everything is very much on point. Stupid sea bass, GIVE ME MY BLUE TUNA ALREADY!!

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