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Pets And LEGO: Cat “Helpers”

Having a lifelong bond with an amazing pet includes them getting into your favorite projects, and possibly making artistic or engineering decisions on your behalf.

If for any reason you find yourself opening boxes or bags of tiny colored bits, making crinkle noises, and sitting in one place for more than 5 minutes, then you probably have a “Helper” by now.

Artify – Square

The helpers arrive curious, but not too eager. Best to scope things out first like Ollie:

Also need to get a sniff or two in, Scout here can never be too careful:

At this point, your pet will most likely designate itself “Supervisor”. This Is Mouse. You work for her now:

Oscar takes a very personal approach to this:

Supervising is a tiring job as Crowder will attest to:

Frodo has decided that work space will also be negotiable:

Nala on the other hand, wants to be a part of the art itself:

Mable is ready for playtime:

Keep Going!
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Scout is doing some final Quality Assurance:

To the victors go the spoils:

Above: Baby-Girl     Below: Crowder

And of course if Nala fits, she sits.

Some Supervisors are more vigilant than others. We appreciate the effort Laci!

Caution, Supervisor mouth pressure will vary with size. Poppy doesn’t know her own strength:

Hope our photo collection brought some sunshine to your day! Only one Luke Skywalker minifig was harmed in the making of this list.

Special thanks to all the Lego Pet Parents who participated!

Anyone who wants to have their pet featured can email photos to me at [email protected]

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