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This Neverending Story Planter is Emotionally Disturbing

Why would you ever want to remember one of the hardest scenes to process from your childhood? It’s like painting the shadow of rocks on your wall with a sad Little Foot calling out for his Mom.. Heartbreaking. Well good news folks! For the emotionally barren there is a new planter accessory that you can have that will not only tease your more empathetic friends, but will dissuade them from coming over altogether. Especially if you make this a center piece in your home. A Neverending Story set featuring Artax and Atreyu.

As you can see it’s the scene from the Sad Swamp where Artax gives into the sadness or rather is overtaken by quicksand.

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According to the manufacturers:

Recreate one of the most emotionally disturbing movie scenes of the 1980’s with our exclusive Neverending figurines. Watch as our young hero desperately tries to save his horse from the sad swamp (your house plant.) Don’t worry, the horse survives in the end!

  • Neverending Story Inspired Planter Gnomes
  • Set includes two staked resin figurines which you can use with your favourite pots
  • Pots for illustrative purposes only, these are not included
  • Finished with a waterproof outer casing but we suggest removing the figures from your plant before watering
  • Intended for interior use only
  • Gift boxed

So if you want to get this as a gift for someone you know at least you know it comes nicely boxed… You can check out the listing for it by following the link here.

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of this item, we just thought you might like to know.

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