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Batmobile Patrols The Streets Of San Diego

With most people stuck at home in Southern California, boredom and cabin fever is a constant worry. Thankfully, there are also people out there with the time and resources to try to cheer up their community. One man who is trying to alleviate stress has been Chris Banner, an unassuming lawn serviceman who also happens to have his own Batmobile.

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As reported by ABC 10 News in San Diego, Banner had built a replica of the iconic car as it was featured in the first two Tim Burton Batman films. The car was made from scratch as a hobby, and was meant to be something to show off at birthday parties or special events. He also had his own costume in order to complete the look. However, now all social gatherings are highly discouraged, Banner decided to make the most of the situation. He took to the streets of his neighborhoods while in costume to patrol to the streets for the enjoyment of his community.

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“(People) love it. They all line up on the street wave. I just cruise by and open the roof and wave back,” says Banner in the profile.

What makes it so heartwarming is both in how he is doing something to make people happy while also showing the power of superheroes. These is a scary time for young children who may not fully grasp what is going on and why they are stuck home. Being able to see Batman hanging out is a way to help dispel that fear and knowing that there are people trying to help however they can.

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