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Jem from ‘Jem and the Holograms’ Posted a COVID-19 PSA

With COVID-19 taking over the world (Sorry Brain) there has been a huge rule of Staying at Home. There has even been a huge list of celebrities using their influence to keep their fans informed about the COVID-19. These informative videos have consisted of how to keep fans, friends, and families safe. However, on Friday one of the biggest pop stars from 80’s posted a PSA. This pop star is the truly outrageous Jem from Jem and the Holograms! In case you don’t remember who this magical woman is we present to you the theme song that catches the ear of fans internationally.

Samantha Newark, the voice of Jerrica Benton/Jem, has recently come out with the PSA on how to be a Superstar during COVID-19. You may also recognize her as Ariel in Transformers Gen One as well as Pan’s mother in Hook.

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“There are no pills or shots for the coronavirus right now. So, we’re advised to stay in during this quarantine, practice social distancing, and, of course, always wash our hands as much as possible,” Jem tells the kids who were about to share a prescription with the others. “Doing the right thing makes you a superstar!”

So if you want to be as fabulous as the Highness of the Holograms take her advice. We may not be as influential as individuals but as a population we can make a difference. I’m going to throw on some bright eye makeup on and binge the animated series. You can watch all three seasons through

Show’s Over, Synergy.

Show’s Over Synergy – Jem

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