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Light Up Your Room with a Starry Super Mario Lamp

Shut Up and Take My Yen is at it again featuring more Super Mario products.  There are so many lovely ways to deck out your home with everyone’s favorite plumbers and the fantastical Mushroom Kingdom.  This product, in particular, might make your walls and ceiling look like the starry skies of Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Super Star Projection Light
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Firebox is selling a Super Mario Super Star Projection Light that casts stars across your walls and ceiling.  The light itself looks just like the Super Star we all know from the series, perfect and cute.  When the light is off, it sits at a nice bright yellow and looks just like it would in game.  Lit up it glows a lovely golden glow.  The top of the star and the arms have star shaped cutouts that create starry lights above.  It’s a decent size but compact enough to sit in a corner or inside of boxy shelving for a really neat effect, and since it has the option of being battery powered, it can be placed anywhere without the need to worry about cords or outlets.

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The light is made from eco-friendly plastic that will eventually degrade at the end of its life, so it won’t end up as plastic waste.  You have a choice of powering it with a USB or with four AA batteries.  The light is officially licensed by Nintendo as well. This product sells for $36.99, and for $3.99 you can have it shipped with batteries too.  You can get the lamp from Firebox by clicking here.

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