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Batman Will Defend Your Toilet Paper from The Joker with this Cool TP Dispenser

Now that we’re all stuck inside one of the fun things you can do is pretend different rooms in your house are different places. Example: The bathroom is now Gotham. And your toilet paper is now being targeted by the Joker. Whatever shall you do? Well you can go over to Etsy and support an artist during this time of financial strain and grab yourself a really cool Batman toilet paper holder. And in doing so help someone as well as have a new place to put all that toilet paper you may have hoarded. Check out this cool sculpture here.

Artify – Square

They also make a Han Solo one but the Batman is exponentially cooler. Especially because you can think of so many cool puns to go along with him. He’s going to help you do your duty(doodie). Sorry that just kind of slipped out. Oh! It happened again. Let Batman protect your bowel station and make you feel like your ready for anything.

The only other thing I would want is for an Alfred toilet paper holder so I could pretend I was Batman, but that’s probably just a pipe dream.

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You can check out the etsy listing by clicking here.

And of course if you are more on the side of anarchy they also have a Joker version of this toilet paper dispenser. It would definitely go with decor if your theme was clowns… shudder.

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