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Ultimate Gaming Bed That Offers Gamers the Greatest Comfort

It’s time for the gamers to upgrade from gaming chairs to the ultimate gaming bed.  No more are the days of playing video games without the greatest comfort.  

the entirety of the bed
Gaming Bed by Bahutte
Photo: Bahutte
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This gaming bed comes from the Japanese gaming furniture company Bahutte.  Every aspect of it is suited to fit every gamer’s needs.  In reality, it is made up of a few various components that can be arranged according to style and the way people play.  

Components of the Bed

  • Bed: the actual bed is made up of a headrest, a pillow for the back, and a blanket.  The blanket is black, and light-weighted so that trying to adjust yourself during games won’t be a struggle.  Also included is a place to attach your mobile device or tablet which will allow you to access it while laying down. 
The attachment for the mobile devices or tablets
Photo: Bahutte
  • Sides of the Bed: on the side is a moveable shelf that has slots to hold anything you desire.  In addition to the shelf, there is a mini desk, which is just the perfect spot for the keyboard and mouse.  
sides of bed
Side of the bed
Photo: Bahutte
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Or you can opt out of both of the side attachments and have a clean and easily accessible place to fall into at night. 

whole view of bed
Photo: Bahutte
  • Front of the Bed: the front is considered the side where one’s feet go.  Attached to the front is a desk that can display multiple monitors with a sound system.  Hanging on the left side of the desk is a little wire basket to hold your controller or gaming headset (or anything else you see fit).  

Each piece of the bed features electric plugs for easy access power.  The different components can be bought separately and according to one gamer’s needs.  The official price listed is around $1,050. It’s an expensive piece of furniture, but I’m sure it will make those gaming sessions way more comfortable.  

And just remember, gaming is amazing and fun, but continuous gaming for hours on end can lead to various health conditions and diseases so make sure to take a break every hour or so.  

Do you like to play video games?  Would you get this bed? Let us know in the comments!

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