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Mandalorian Jewelry Set To Include Beskar Steel Credit

We all can admit it, that when Disney dropped Star Wars The Mandalorian it was an instant success. It is still Disney’s #1 running show on Disney+ and fans are still eagerly awaiting season 2. The star of course is Baby Yoda (The Child), but fear not this is not another Baby Yoda (the child) article. No I am bringing you something amazing that any fan of the show would love to add to their collection.

I give you this my friends.


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Celebrate all things Mandalorian with this Force Pack that includes a wearable replica Client Cog medal, one Beskar credit, and a gunmetal tone Mythosaur necklace. All three pieces come packed in an attractive Mandalorian-themed collector’s box that is ideal for display – and features a certificate of authenticity. 9,600 individually numbered Boxes with a Certificate of Authenticity

Gamestop is currently taking pre-orders for this set, and as they said it is limited to only 9600. So hurry before these are gone and you have only but a lifetime of regret that you never snagged one for yourself.

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