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Dino Crisis Remake Is Cancelled

When I had heard that Dino Crisis had the green light to be remastered I was over the hill excited, but not as excited as my husband who LOVES the game. Capcom was bringing back a classic game that has sold 4.4 million unit copies of the game worldwide on December 31st, 2019. So you would think that a game that is still going so strong with an equally strong fan base that nothing could go wrong, sadly we were mistaken.

Aesthetic Gamer who was the one who originally leaked that Dino Crisis was in the works to be remastered. They are the internets in guy for most game news and their resources are always on the money. Sadly, this tweet came out from Aesthetic Gamer

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This breaks my heart so much to hear that the game I was so excited for is now pushed back into the vaults from whence it came. sigh Maybe in a few months we will get good news, though to be fair. It doesn’t look too good.

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