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Reese’s Filled Muffins Exist & They’re Breaking Our Will To Diet

There’s always a downside to dieting. And it feels like the companies that make all the delicious snacks are out to get you. Especially now that we know that these Reese’s filled muffins are here.

These are made with Hershey’s chocolate muffins and then stuffed with the peanut butter filling from a Reese’s. The topping is a Reese’s peanut butter icing and it’s got chunks of Reese’s sprinkled on the top. This probably isn’t the best breakfast muffin, but no one here is judging.
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Saucedjunkfood on Instagram is a great follow if you love to look at food. They almost always cut the products in half and take an amazing picture. In the image above you can see just how that Reese’s filling looks from the inside of the muffin. And if we weren’t hungry before we definitely are now.

You can find these in a variety of different stores. Just peruse the baked good section where they keep all those carbs ready to tempt you. And if you get your hands on them why not tell us what you thought of the treat in the comments!?

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