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Must-Have Tech Products In 2020

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son is upon you. Whether you need to shop for loved ones or add a few items to your list, one thing reigns supreme: technology. There is no doubt technology items will continue to be a fan favorite for years to come. For this reason, there are tons of new tech products you have to get your hands on in 2020. Here are a few great choices.

1. Earbuds

Everyone who owns an iPhone has the boring old, basic wired earphones, but who needs wires anymore? Apple’s new airpod pros are wireless and water resistant! Do you have a spouse that snores? Do you ever have to study in a library that is not very quiet? The good news is, these new gadgets can actively cancel noise. Similar to the first product that was dropped, the new earbuds have a small charging case where a single battery could last you up to five hours of listening time. Another significant step up from the old buds is the earpiece. The newer version now offers a customizable fit that you can custom tailor to your ear size. If you thought the first set of earbuds were impressive, you will be amazed by the newest edition. You will definitely need this tech product in 2020.

2. WiFi

It seems that the world almost comes to an end whenever the WiFi acts up. If you struggle with spotty service, consider investing in a Google Wifi Nest. This product will give the internet you pay for every month a boost, and it can help you extend your service throughout your home or office. It plugs straight into your router and looks a lot more visually appealing than the black box your provider sets up for you. You can buy a single of this product or in a 3-pack for a bigger space.

3. Streaming

TV enthusiasts have been enjoying the likes of Netflix and Hulu for years now, but there is a new streaming app that has people going nuts. Disney+ now offers endless entertainment of Disney classics, plus Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. If you were worried once your old cassettes broke, you wouldn’t be able to watch your most favorite and timeless movies. Think again! Disney has brought your childhood back to life.

4. Dog Care

If you have always wondered what your pets do when you head out the door for work, worry no more. The Furbo Dog Camera can give you access to your dog’s whereabouts and can toss them a treat at the click of a button. You can even talk to your four-legged friend through this device with its two-way audio capabilities. Some of the pet’s reactions to this technological product have been priceless. This system will certainly help with the guilt you feel leaving your furry companion at home all day.

5. Coffee

Believe it or not, there are smart coffee mugs now. Yes, the new Ember Temp Controlled Smart Travel Mug will keep your warm beverage at the desired temp through an app on your phone. This product would be great for a busy mom or teacher whose mornings are hectic. There is nothing worse than looking forward to your cup of Joe and when you go to take a sip, it’s cold. You can avoid that at all costs in 2020 with this new gadget.

It is incredible to look at the technology available now and think about what may be popular just a few years from now. The crazy part is, all the new gizmos have become such a huge aspect of day to day life, you don’t know what you would do without them. With so many options to choose from, it is hard to know which products are worth buying. The ideas above may be an excellent start to your 2020 list of must-haves.     

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“Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health and fitness as well as business and technology. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book, hitting the gym, or studying up on the future of tech.”

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