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Tom Holland Says Talks for “Back To The Future” Reboot Have Happened

It seems obvious really. I mean of course talks have happened for a “Back to the Future” reboot. Talking goes on all the time. But what really prompted this conversation was a really well done deepfake a couple of weeks ago. You know, the one where Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. take on the roles of Doc and Marty?

We actually now have word from Holland that talks have actually happened.

While speaking with BBC Radio 1, Holland said:

I’d be lying if I said there hadn’t been conversations in the past about doing some sort of remake, but that film is the most perfect film- or one of the most perfect films, one that could never be made better. That said, if [Robert Downey Jr.] and I could just shoot that one scene that they remade for fun – he could pay for it cause he’s got loads of money – I would do it for my fee and we could remake that scene. I think we owe it to deep fake because they did such a good job. … I think I’m gonna speak to Robert and see if we can try to recreate something for deep fake.

The problem is that even with them on board that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. In fact it’s widely known that the creators and writers don’t want another movie. Especially without Michael J. Fox. They have talked about it before but unfortunately due to his Parkinsons Disease it makes it extremely difficult.

Why It Won’t Happen (For Now)

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Co-writer for “Back to the FutureBob Gale has even said:  

“You know, you don’t sell your kids into prostitution. It was the wrong thing to do. We put ‘The End’ at the end of part three.”

That’s some pretty harsh analogy when it comes to a film franchise. What he is trying to say is that he doesn’t want something to happen where you walk away saying, “That just ruined my childhood.”

Rumors that Christopher Lloyd says he’d be willing to return it all comes down to the fact that we don’t have the blessing of the original creators. Without that any attempt to make a sequel or reboot or re-imagining would just feel empty. Now that’s not to say that after these people have passed away and the property falls into other people’s hands that it won’t eventually. But for the time being it’s not going to be something we see happen.

Now if Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. wanted to do something fun like a fan film however, that would be pretty cool. I mean isn’t that how “Rick and Morty” started?

The official 4k release of the “Back to the Future” trilogy is available now, and we really think you should pick it up!

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