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You Can Drink Your Chips & Other Snacks With This

We all love to munch on our delicious chips while we’re watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the internet. But you’ve gotta agree that the grease from the chips transferring to our fingers, spreading all across your electronic devices and controls, onto the fabric of your sofa is pretty gross and unpleasant. Well, Zyplus is claiming you can avoid that by turning your chips into a drink with Poterapper!

The revolutionary invention by the Zyplus Company is composed of three pieces as you can see above. At a glance, it kinda looks like the top part of a water bottle. An additional pair of scissors are all you need to make the magic happens!

You simply cut off a corner, slide the bottom part in, sandwich the bag’s material between when you put on the middle part, then screw the cap on.

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Finally, you turn your chips into smaller pieces by pressing and squeezing the bag (or toss the bag around/dropkick it). And voila! You can now the chips into your mouth and not worry about being all greasy.

I suppose any snacks that are contained in a bag can make use of this product as well.

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