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Retired Married Couple Enjoy Creating Elaborate Cosplay Together

When you get on in your years it’s usually recommended that you take up a hobby. And for some that means knitting or collecting stamps. For others it means dressing up in cosplay and expanding your comfort zone.

Steven and Millie Tani had been very supportive of their daughters passion for cosplay before they got into it themselves. In fact they watched her for ten years before dipping their foot in the water. They say that they never imagined that this would be something that they would do in the future. And it all started in 2014 when they cosplayed Carl and Ellie from Up on Halloween.

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They took the costumes to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland Resort. And they were hooked after that. They have been known to dress up as anything from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Han and Leia. They’ve been married for 27 years and are honestly what I hope my relationship turns into after my husband and I retire.

“We are both basically very shy and introverted individuals, so when people started to ask to take pictures of us in our cosplays, we were first taken aback at the attention we were getting,” they said. Continuing, “We [also] weren’t sure how people would react to us as an older Asian couple … but many have welcomed us and … we are feeling more comfortable and have gained more new friends.”

They can be followed on Facebook at And if you see them around Disneyland give them a big hello!

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