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Stardew Valley Publishers Creating Harry Potter Inspired Game

If you love Stardew Valley and Harry Potter then it would seem the publishers are developing a game just for you. Stardew Valley is famously the game where you get to farm and romance the locals, and it broke ground because you can also romance characters of the same sex. Which was a big deal for me because if I can marry Abigail you know darn right I’m going to.

Ah my sweet Abigail

Anyway… Chucklefish is currently developing a game based on Harry Potter called Witchbrook. Meaning that you will get to play as a student at a magical school whose mission is to graduate. There will be a day and night mode and you will have a number of tasks to complete. Instead of farming like in Stardew Valley your mission will be to complete quests throughout the day and earn a “Witching Permit.”

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Witchbrook is intended to be both relaxing and rewarding, providing the player with enjoyable, mindful activities whilst ensuring a sense of progression. Players should feel attached to the various characters they meet at school and to the progression as a student.”

Even though this is in very early stages of development fans of Stardew are seriously excited. We also know that it takes time to make a good game so we are willing to wait, for a while. We just can’t wait to see what kind of quests are in store for us.

Are you excited about this? Did you play Stardew Valley? Tell us in the comments who you wanted to marry in that game!

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