It’s not just ears that are coming from Star Wars Rebels, a whole line of Ahsoka stuff is going to be flooding into the parks soon. And we can’t wait for it.

@starwarsexplain on Twitter

The ears have her blue and white striped Togruta montrals design and on the inside is embroidered, “I’m no Jedi”. Her famous phrase in her last battle with Darth Vader in Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels.

The ears are great but what I’m most excited for is that kids costume front and center. If you don’t think I’m dressing up my kid in that you are highly mistaken. Everyone knows that Baby Yoda merch is coming and that’s fine, but the real prize here is all the Ahsoka stuff.

Now with the final season of The Clone Wars airing on Disney+ we’re going to get tons of new merch. And it’s about time. Expect to see these in the parks on your next trip!

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