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Spend The Night With Sloths In The Costa Rican Rainforest!

One of the cutest, slowest, non threatening animals out there are sloths. You thought I was going to say turtles didn’t you? No, It’s sloths. And now thanks to a new hotel in the Costa Rican Rainforest you can book a stay and enjoy them all you want!

Nayara Hotels has a lot of friendly sloth visitors that will make your stay absolutely magical. Set in 15 acres of gardens in the Arenal Volcano National Park, the two sister resorts are home to about 15 different sloths. Making your chances of seeing them pretty good. The two resorts are called Nayara Springs and the Nayara Resort and have beautiful places for you to stay. Not to mention hot springs.

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They offer a tour for you to help you spot the cute little creatures, and host an array of other animals since the rainforest is home to many. Birds, reptiles and other mammals all call this forest home, and though it’s officially a sanctuary for sloths they share the territory amicably. This would be one of the most memorable trips you could take with any sloth lover.

Check out more information about the resort by clicking the link here.

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