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Star Wars Playing Cards To Spice Up Any Poker Night

I have a friend who loves collecting card decks. Heck at my retail job some of the cards went on clearance and I was quick to grab them for him. I think he uses them for magic tricks or tricks in general. But hey as long as he is enjoying them that’s okay with me.

Now that I know that these cards exist I am gonna have to go and get him these as well. And it does matter on what side you choose because the characters are different for the Jacks – Aces, take a look for yourself.

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The Dark Side that features Boba Fett Darth Vader Emperor Palatine and Kyo Ren
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The Light Side features Rey, Leia, Han, and Luke
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Not only that but more characters appear as well depending on the suite you have.

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Pretty cool right? You can check out the dark side deck here, and the light side deck here. Though personally I would pick both. You can also buy them directly through Theory 11’s website if you don’t want to buy them through Amazon. They are slightly cheaper but may take longer to ship.

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