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Watch As ‘Matrix 4’ Films Stunt On San Francisco Skyscraper

The Matrix 4 started filming in San Francisco over the past few weeks. Fans that are located in the area have had the rare opportunity to be able to see what they’re working on. Much like that lucky person who caught the Joker scene where he was dancing on the stairs, someone else has captured what could be a scene used in the film. And it features what looks like Neo and Trinity jumping off a skyscraper.

What gives away Neo is of course the trench coat that he has become synonymous with. In the video you see the couple jumping off as they are secured with bungee cables. Then they are reeled back up and take position again.

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Matrix 4 is due to come out on “Keanu Day” which is May 21st 2021. Are you excited to see Matrix and John Wick on the same day? Tell us in the comments!

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