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You Can Make Your TV Look Like A Giant Switch!

Ever since I had seen this image I have wanted one for the LONGEST time. You know the one picture where it made the TV look like a Switch.

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Yeah this one! The person also showed how they brilliantly made this as well. And to be honest the crafter in me was like “Oh I can do that!” When in reality I really can’t. I am not THAT creative. I never inherited my grandfather’s wood skills.

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Thankfully my dreams are not crushed just yet! Because Etsy seller MorsebaneGoods has you covered. You can actually order one of these bad boys for your TV. OF course you need to figure out how big your TV is and then wait the glorious wait.

Nintendo Switch TV Wall Mount.  Makes your TV look like a image 0
Nintendo Switch TV Wall Mount.  Makes your TV look like a image 1

I love the fact that the sides are storage! And not to mention you have several colors to choose from. They do start at $215, but hey for a custom wall mount that can look like that, I am willing to make that payment.

Check out the listing by following the link here!

Of course if you’re really crafty then you can always check out the DIY video on YouTube.

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