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Unbelievable Movies Based on True Stories That Deserve Documentary Status

Whether it’s the flash of the screen, the settings, storyline, or the sheer emotion these movies convey, they indeed deserve the documentary status. But most of them to be discussed here, never quite have that feel. Save for one or two, others may hover around the periphery of being documentaries but that’s as far as they go. Stories told over a few hours of a screenplay are barely enough to get down on the full details that occurred. 

Of course, they are not without the impact the creators would want the audience to expect. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give the following excellent movie documentary status. Read on! 

1. When They See Us

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Netflix went all out to solidify its status as one of the best. When They See Us is truly one of the best movies everyone should consider watching. From the producer to the cast, the movie was well-planned with keen attention to detail. The producer, Ava Duvernay recounted the story of the Central Park 5 – a group of boys unjustly convicted for a crime of rape they never committed in 1989. Perhaps a grademiners review will shed more light. 

The story is filled with emotion and might leave you choking back more than a few tears. Duvernay outdid herself in her bid to showcase the all-round effect, and impact of the decisions of the court on the lives of the young men. Of course, their families were not left out. Documentary status? You bet! 

2. The Big Short 

Many people, including movie buffers, have heard about the financial crisis of 2007-08 but have never bothered to learn what caused it. Sure, you’d rather be bothered about top resume reviews but if you love movies or at least appreciate documentaries, this is one you can’t ignore. 

All the events that revolved around the financial crisis are captured. What’s more, some willy characters had the knowledge it was coming. They adjusted accordingly and benefitted from it. The Big Short does have a lot of financial stuff you might otherwise find difficult, but the movie does its best to explain as well as carry the audience along. So, it’s something you’ll love to see particularly if you were a victim of the financial crisis that ensued.

3. Hotel Rwanda 

Rwanda, and indeed, many other people who witnessed the catastrophic events that unfolded in the country would always recall them with a bit of trepidation. It was 1994 when the Rwandan genocide took place. A senseless and gory event where the majority Hutu tribe targeted the Tutsis. It was as bloody as they come, and the movie had Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager, give the audience a glimpse of the bloodbath. 

As far as storylines go, this movie was expansive and often left viewers thinking it was too much to be true. Well, it did happen, even though all the events couldn’t possibly be captured in a few hours of a screenplay. Haven’t you watched it? You definitely should. 

4. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

There’s something about watching Zac Efron being all confusing in Ted Bundy’s skin albeit for a movie based on a true story. Ted was a serial killer infamous for killing a host of women but notoriously maintained a relationship with his then-girlfriend, Liz. 

According to edubirdie reviews and other opinions, it’s definitely worth the watch. It’s an excellent documentary and offers a great insight into the life and actions of Ted Bundy. Whether that involved his heinous crimes or contrasting scenes revolving around his girlfriend, you’ll have a good time unraveling the storyline. 

Even after watching the true-story-based movie, go ahead to enjoy the documentary. It’ll capture more cringe-worthy details. 

5. Chernobyl

Not one for so much of a fancy name but all the same, it’s worth the watch, especially when you realize how much coverage and high ratings the movie received. Based on a true story like the others in this article, Chernobyl comes off as amazing. Further, it’s more of a miniseries but definitely outstrips a lot of true-life stories turned into big-screen movies. What’s more, the story captured the events surrounding the nuclear disaster that occurred in Chernobyl – Russia in the ’80s. 

Whether you look up ivory research before watching this movie or not, you’ll immediately see the reasons why it deserves documentary status. It’s worth the time; thanks to a carefully recreated story. 

6. The Founder

The thing with movies based on true stories is that a large chunk of them may be a little bit far-fetched. Well, The Founder appears to be one of such movies. It tells the story of Ray Kroc, who is the acclaimed founder of McDonald’s. Yet the film doesn’t quite totally agree with this assertion. 

Entrepreneurs would love it though because it goes on to reveal what it takes to start from obscurity before eventually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s truly inspirational and covers the basics, including Kroc not being one of the original McDonald’s. Didn’t know that? Perhaps you should watch the movie or get some more reviews from top writers. Either way, you’ll love it! And if you’re a business person, you’ll love the fact that hard work pays. 

If you love documentaries, add this to the top of your to-watch list! 


Got these movies bookmarked and ready to watch? They’re worth the hype and the time you’ll spend watching them, especially if you love documentaries. 

Article submitted by Jennifer Sanders

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