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Mojo Vision Unveils Working Prototype of Smart Contact Lens

Google glass while a good idea was unfortunately short lived. A lot of it had to do with people being upset over others that had them(and the capability of them being able to record and take video) and the other aspect was that they were a little too expensive. But what if there was something you could still use to analyze the world around you and keep it a secret? What if you could just pop in a contact lens and know exactly how to get to your destination?

According to their website they will have features like tracking your BPM and distances from destinations. So you can see where you are going and how far you are from it. You will also be able to follow a path if you pre-load directions.

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Mojo Vision has created a contact lens that they say will help you see. And it has the ability to be turned off completely so that they don’t bombard you with information. It’s there if you want it but if you don’t you can easily take it out or shut it off. What’s also interesting is that you will be able to see the projections with your eyes closed, because the screen is on the contact lens itself.

At the center of the contact lens is a very fine display at 14,000 pixels per square inch. Now compare that to the Iphone 11 which has a display of 323 ppi. It’s groundbreaking as far as tiny displays go. It is made for the vision impared but will also have the ability to bring your regular world into virtual reality.

So far the only kinks in the release of this lens are coming from the FDA. But as soon as those hurdles are passed we should see these become available on the market soon. Check out the website by following the link here.

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