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Alcoholic Oreos Exist And They’re Super Easy to Make

Something that never fails to please at a party are things that can be alcoholic that you wouldn’t think could be. Jello has become shots, Gummy Bears have been turned into wine gummies, and now Oreos can be alcoholic.

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This looks simple enough to make, It’s Oreo Pudding, Milk(or almond milk if you’re lactose) and four shots of your favorite alcohol. You mix and then refrigerate. Then you take plain old Oreos, scrape the filling and add your own. Talk about yummy! And if you follow the video they are pretty much fail proof. Plus if you want you could just eat the pudding or dip the cookie into it.

We want to hear from you if you’ve ever made it before! What are some of your favorite alcoholic treats? Tell us in the comments!

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