Gotham’s Hit With A New Member Of The Kate Family

We finally get a taste of the Crisis Aftermath shenanigans ! It’s Batwoman episode 11 and while Alice may be in the Crow’s Custody, Gotham is far from safe.

Where does this ‘Good’ version of Beth Come From ? Can Batwoman Handle two of her sisters ? Lets Discuss.

Episode 11 Discussion ( Spoilers )

Beth while being interrogated By the Crows.

The episode immediately picks up from last weeks cliffhanger, with the reveal of Beth. While Alice is being interrogated by Sophie and the Crows, Mouse takes hostages in order to negotiate her release.

While this episode is almost devoid of action( aside from a great scene from Alice), it’s full of the comic book drama that this show has executed well. The parallel’s between the two versions of Beth, and the ensembles reactions towards this version of the character is great.

Rachel Skarsten as Alice continues to be fantastic. The more we explore her trauma , character and emtions the more we see the fantastic emote of Skarsten. And she kills the role of “good” Alice, really showing the tragedy of the character and what could’ve been.

The ending was also really fun, showing the life Kate Wants while hinting at the decisions that need to be made in the future.

So what’s your opinion on the episode ? Let us know in the comments down below!

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