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Super Nintendo World Coming to Universal in 2023

Universal announced on a call today that the new world coming to Universal Orlando will be Super Nintendo World. The news of this new addition to Universal Orlando came via the annual company earnings call. Comcast(Universal’s parent company) divulged more details on what was coming.

We have known that the one in Hollywood was going to receive this land since 2015 and that version is still under construction. The land is said to have theme park rides like a Mario Kart Ride.


Universal Studios

One of my favorite parts about playing Super Mario was when he would get to Big Land. And from the image that Universal has released it looks like that is exactly what it will be like. The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast released an image of what the land may look like last year you can see down below.

The image that was released by the podcast is one of the reasons fans aren’t exactly too surprised that this was coming, but now we have all the more reason to be excited for it. We have a solid date and an official announcement.

The first version of this land is going to be opening in Japan before the Tokyo Olympics sometime this year. They released an image for the park that showed Peach’s and Bowser’s castle. They will also be using wristbands and a mobile app inside of the park.

From what we can see of the construction of the other versions of this world we can guess that Orlando will have it on a much larger scale. They will probably be keeping in line with the same layout but since Florida is a bigger venue spreading it out a bit more and have maybe one or two rides you won’t be able to ride anywhere else.


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