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Report Claims New ‘Resident Evil’ Game Will Be Releasing Next Year

Do you love spending time shooting infected? Do you ever think about what comes after the Resident Evil 3 Remake releases in April? Well, according to the latest claim by a gaming insider, it’s going to be an entirely new and unexpected Resident Evil title.

AestheticGamer, a reliable source of gaming news many times in the past, claims an all new Resident Evil title is coming our way next year. Of course, since this news is not from an official source it should be taken with a grain of salt. AestheticGamer claims the next title will not be another remake. Instead, Capcom is turning their remake lens on to other popular titles of theirs. Here’s my hope for a remake of the original Monster Hunter!

If not a remake, then what? Well, according to the insider it is also not Resident Evil 8. In fact, Resident Evil 8 is reportedly still years away from completion. The information comes from a recent Tweet AestheticGamer made on Twitter.

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All of this means that the new Resident Evil title will likely be something entirely different. Perhaps it will tell the story of a side character from a previous title. Also, there is always the chance it could be a VR title. All we can do is guess for now. One thing is certain though, more Resident Evil is on its way. That alone is something to get excited about.

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