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‘Animal Crossing’-Themed Switch Controllers are Coming

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is fast approaching. Once March 20th hits, there will be plenty of fans decorating their homes and exploring their new towns. Not to mention all of the new and interesting neighbors to meet. So, why not do all of those things with a fun new controller?

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Third-party manufacturer Power A has just listed two Animal Crossing-themed Switch controllers on Amazon. Both controllers are wireless and are full-size controllers instead of the tiny ones you get with the Nintendo Switch. The controllers go up for sale on March 10 and will cost $50. The first controller uses the Animal Crossing: New Leaf logo across it. It shows Timmy and Tommy Nook waving on the right side. The second controller has a pattern of fish, butterflies, fruit, and furniture across it. K.K. Slider plays his guitar on a stump on the right handle.

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While these controllers look very similar to PlayStation Pro controllers, they cannot be charged via a USB cable. The controllers require two AA batteries that will last for approximately 30 hours. These controllers also lack a rumble feature or Amiibo support. Despite that, the controllers do offer two additional triggers on the back that can be set to your liking with a programmable button. So, if you don’t mind your Switch controllers being a little different then these are perfect for you.

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