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Patrick Stewart Officially Invited Whoopi Goldberg To Picard Season 2

It’s here my Star Trek fans, finally the long wait is over. Wednesday night Picard dropped on CBS All Access. And I am so excited, because we see so many familiar faces. Brent Spiner is coming back as Data, Jeri Ryan is reprising her role as Seven of Nine. I don’t know about you but I seriously cannot wait for my husband to get home today so we both can watch it. Ever since the trailer dropped we have been so hyped for this, I haven’t been this excited since Star Trek Discovery. 

What’s even more exciting is that we haven’t even gotten the full season yet, but wouldn’t you know it Patrick Stewart has officially asked Whoopi Goldberg to come back and reprise her role as Guinan. He caught Whoopi off-guard when he was a visitor  on The View check it out. 

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Holy cow she even said yes! This makes me wonder who else he might try to get back to reprise their role in Star Trek, could we perhaps get Wil Wheaton back as Wesley Crusher, maybe he’s joined the ranks of Starfleet who knows. Maybe even perhaps we might get LeVar Burton or Michael Dorn anything is possible at this point. 

Who would you like to see return to Star Trek, leave your comments down below.

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