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Dinosaurs Funko Pops Are Coming!

In the 90s we had a lot of family shows. They always consisted of a dad, mom, siblings, and possibly a grandparent somewhere. But one of the most iconic shows will always be Dinosaurs. You have to give props on how creative everything was about that show. This show was based around the Sinclairs and their adventures in Pangaea taking place about 60,000,003 B.C. This show made the saying “Not the mama” iconic!

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Funko tweeted this on Jan. 20th. 

I am SO excited that one of the greatest 90s TV shows is finally getting their own line of Funkos. I kinda wish we would get Bradley P. Richfield (Earl Sinclair’s boss) as an over sized Funko. But hey I am happy with this. You can pre-order here. They are set to release in April of this year!

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