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Warner Brothers To Recruit An A.I. To Help Greenlight Movies

I’m not sure how I feel about this…

We all know that as the days go by, technology just keeps on advancing. I’ll bet a robot someplace has just done something way faster and with infinitely better accuracy than a human being right bloody now.

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As the future sequences from the first Terminator become more of a realistic option for humanity, we have to ask ourselves… do we really want Artificial Intelligence picking the movies that are put into production? Because it’s already starting to happen. According to reporting from via The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers will start using Cinelytic, an online analytics platform, for help in deciding which movies to make.

Here’s the best I can break this down… Cinelytic uses “predictive analytics” that assesses an actor’s overall “value” then factors in potential cash hauls at the box office or money to be made via streaming services. Then once all the data has been gathered, the A.I. will crunch some numbers and provide a series of what Consequence’s article labels “dollar-figure parameters” that can aide with the financial planning in marketing, distribution, and a few other elements of the business part of show business.

So basically through the powers of an algorithm and math that’s too advanced for my simple mind, studios can use the analytics platform to kind of predict how much profit they’ll make off a certain project. Consequence also notes Warner Brothers has had some success using analytics at festivals to determine what kind of loot to throw at the latest Sundance darling.

WB’s Senior Vice President Tony Kiis had the following to say about the subject…

“We make tough decisions every day that affect what, and how, we produce and deliver films to theaters around the world. The more precise our data is, the better we will be able to engage our audiences.”

What if Cinelytic is SkyNet in its true form? Or maybe the help of Artificial Intelligence is truly needed to predict the success of a project? Or maybe it’s a way to pass blame when a project fails horribly? Either way if this software ever says Jared Leto should play the Joker again… throw it out the window immediately.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Warner Brothers/MGM/Orion

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