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Battle For Middle-Earth on This Lord of the Rings Chess Set

WB shop has just released a new LOTR chess set that will have you wanting to play all the time.

You can choose either the side of good with Gandalf the White and Frodo Baggins, or choose the side of Evil where Golloum and Sauron try to keep the board in shadows.

This set has 32 finely sculpted pieces and is sure to be a great set to keep out on display. Even just looking at it makes me want to buy one. The board is 18.5 x 18.5 and the chess pieces measure from 1.75″ to 3.5″.

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The set is selling for $54.95 which is a great price for a quality set. Set this up and play while you watch Lord of the Rings and make a night out of it!

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of this item, we just thought you would like to know!

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