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Convention Dedicated to ‘Dragon Ball Z’ is Coming in May

Growing up in the 90’s there were two anime that were prominent with kids. Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. With the girls leaning towards Sailor Moon and the boys Dragon Ball they were the gateway anime of many people growing up. And while we have yet to see a fully dedicated Sailor Moon convention(if you’re listening out there we want one) we do have a Dragon Ball Z con to look forward to. This year Texas will be holding Kameha Con featuring a ton of Dragon Ball Z voice actors and merchandise.

VIP tickets are already sold out, which means you need to plan well in advance to get those little bad boys but the general admission is still available. For only $15 – $35 per day you’re guaranteed to have a great time. 

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Kameha Con will be held in May this year for all Dragon Ball Z fans, or anime fans in general. You can follow on their website for more details.

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