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American Girls Releases Doll With Hearing Aide

I will admit I don’t know much about American Dolls. I just know that it was something that my younger cousin loved collecting for so long, I guess you can buy things for it? And they are usually always super expensive, but I have no judgement there. To be honest I collect ball jointed dolls(BJDs) and it just so happens that American Girl accessories such as the horses or cars do fit some of my dolls, for scale purposes of course. 

But this American doll, has caught my attention. The 2020 American Girl Doll of the year is Joss Kendrick who is a competitive cheerleader and surfer from southern California. It is the first time that an American Girl doll has hearing loss and if you notice she’s wearing a hearing aid.

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They also offer services for your American Girl doll in store if she gets “sick” or breaks a leg where they can fit her with a cast etc. It’s a nice thing to be able to have your doll experience the same ailments you do, especially when your a young kid. So now with a hearing impaired doll many kids will have someone to connect to that they wouldn’t have had if the company hadn’t decided to make this. It’s a nice gesture and one that will be greatly appreciated by parents and kids alike.

The company has also announced that they made a $25,000 donation in support of HLAA Hearing Loss Association of America and their work that they do. 

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