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Avatar The Last Airbender Coming Back To Netflix

With Netflix currently working on the live action series of the same name it only makes sense that they would put up the original cartoon too. Now it looks like it may be coming soon as one twitter user posted a screenshot of the streaming platforms placeholder for the show.

Previously on Netflix they had the lower quality version of the show. Now with the release of the remastered blu-ray it would make sense that they would have it upgraded to 1080p. Which will be a far better version to watch then what they had up 10 years ago. Ouch, it was when I was living in my first apartment in 2009 that they had it streaming… Best not to think about that.

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Avatar the Last Airbender is about Aang and his friends having to restore peace to the world after the Fire Nation Attacked. If you haven’t seen this show before you will want to put it on your must watch list. Netflix has a nifty reminder option that you can use to make sure you get notice when something is available to watch. Not only that but the show is for kids and adults, meaning that you can watch it with younger kids and it’s still highly entertaining. The story is full of adventure and fun and the animation studio that did it really brings the characters to life.

Also you wont be able to access this by searching but if you click on the link here you can click the remind me button I was talking about.

Keep an eye out for a date on when this will be released, I know we will be. Stay tuned!

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