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These Ghibli Calendars Are The Perfect Way To Start Each Day

With a new year we need one vital thing. And that thing is a calendar. Yes, we have our phones and technology has made it simple for us. But trust me when I say that you need these. Why you ask? Well, for one thing they are Ghibli inspired calendars that will be a beautiful addition to your home! Don’t believe me? Check em out. 

Kiki and Jiji are here to help you keep track of the days!

Keep Going!
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Take a ride on the Kaiyuan Electric Railway with Chihiro and No-Face

Or maybe you want Totoro to help you remember the days!

No matter which one you want, they are sure to delight you for this entire year! The calendars start at 3,800 yen which is roughly $40 USD. But even at that price you can’t argue it at all! Because they are reusable with no year to be seen!

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