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You Need These Star Wars Inspired Bookmarks

If you’re like me you love a good book to read (feel free to comment and recommend me something). And one thing that I know is the eternal struggle we book worms have is using ANYTHING as a bookmark. A piece of paper, credit card, the mugshot of your hated enemy you know, basically anything. And don’t you love that lie we tell ourselves? “Only one more page” lies, I tell you, all lies! Well I was looking on Etsy for some cute new bookmarks and BOY AM I EXCITED!!!

One maker by the name of VectorEngraving makes Star Wars lightsaber bookmarks and you can choose the color of the tassel!

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You can choose Rey or Kylo bookmarks! How cute are these! I need to buy them ASAP! Visit his Etsy store here. This maker also makes more Star Wars items as well.

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