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Cinnabon Ice Cream Coming Soon!

I scream you scream we all scream for Breyers Cinnabon ice cream! Yes you read that right my friends Breyers is coming out with a Cinnabon ice cream. It’s like the gods of the sweet world decided to bless us with this beautiful combination. I distinctly remember bringing one of my friends to Cinnabon because she literally told me she had never been to a Cinnabon before. Well lets just say the veil was lifted and she was forever changed.

The description reads a beautiful cinnamon swirls with globs of Cinnabon inside this delicious vanilla ice cream. So basically in layman’s terms someone chopped up a Cinnabon threw it in there and decided we need more cinnamon, which is not a bad thing. Trust me.

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Sadly, this has only been listed on the Meijer’s website. But if you all know the familiarity of this is that this is just the beginning because when it is something is posted on this website that means it has yet to roll out to other places. Breyer’s has yet to announce exactly when we can expect to see it come to stores.

So when this does hit shelves in stores email us! Tell us where you found it and what you thought! We love hearing from our readers! Keep your eyes peeled for this scrumptious treat, we know we’ll be looking.

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